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E-resource guide: SFS Online

SFS Online

E-collection and links

SFS Online (campus network access)     SFS Online (remote access)

Content SFS standards in Finnish and English and a selection of ISO and IEC standards.
How to find them

You can find the standards only in service's own interface.

Number of simultaneous users
  • SFS standards: unlimited.
  • IEC and ISO standards: 30 users.

You have to download standards to read them.


Downloading requires:

  • Signing in to SFS Online with your TUNI user account. In wireless eduroam or eduVPN, you can use the campus network access link.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open standards in Adobe Acrobat Reader, not in your browser.

Printing and copying

You can read standards online and search for them. If you are student or staff, you are also allowed to print and save standards.

User guide
Terms of use

Read user rights

Authorized users (Tuni students and staff) are allowed to use standards also remotely. You are not allowed to share standards or copies outside Tampere Universities.

More information
  • Open PDF-files in Adobe Reader. The service opens PDFs directly in browser and gives you an error notice.
  • Click the Open (Avaa) button and choose the option "Open in Adobe Reader".
  • If you can't do that in your browser, you'll get an error notice.
  • Check the downloads folder OR your computers downloads folder. You'll find the file ending .encrypted.pdf.
  • Open the file in Adoobe Reader. If your computer tries to open it in you browser, choose the file with the right button of you mouse and choose the open in Adobe Reader option.
  • Sometimes the Adobe Reader may cause the problem. They you should open Adobe Reader first and choose there Open and the file.
  • You can also use an extension for Chrome and Edge. With this extension, the PDF will be opened to browser first. You can open the file in Acrobat without uploading it to your own computer. More information and extensions are available here.


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