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E-resource guide: Gale eBooks

Gale eBooks

E-book collection and link

Gale eBooks 

Content E-books from the fields of Arts, Business, Education, Environment, Information and Publishing, Law, Library Science, Medicine, Science, Social Science and Technology.
How to find the e-books

You can find the e-books in Andor or in the e-book service's own interface.

Number of simultaneous users Unlimited.

You can read the e-books online.

Downloading  You can download in PDF or HTML format one chapter at a time. You can also save the file to Google Drive but in this case you have to grant Gale access to your Google account.
Printing and copying You can print a permitted portion of the content for your own personal use.
Terms of use Read the terms of use.
Accessibility Gale's Electronic Product Accessibility Policy
More information In addition to online reading and different download options, Gale e-book chapters are available as text to speech. To hear an article read aloud, click or tap the "Listen" icon to expand the player and begin playback. To download an audio file of the article, choose the "Download MP3" option.


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