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Researcher's guide to responsible and open science

TUNICRIS Research Information System

The publication data, academic activities, and other research-related information of Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital (Tays) are maintained in the TUNICRIS research information system.

Public portal

Internal user interface (login with TUNI ID)


Access rights to TUNICRIS

University research staff: research and teaching staff, postgraduate students, and those who have signed extended resource agreements have automatic access rights to TUNICRIS. If you do not belong to one of these categories , you can apply for access rights through the University's access rights management system.

Tays research staff: Tays researchers must declare that they are conducting academic research for personal data to be transferred from Tays to TUNICRIS. The declaration is made on the Tays intranet using the personal data change form on the HR system. Once the declaration has been made, you will receive a TUNI ID to your Tays email address. The new ID will not be delivered if you already have a TUNI ID. See more information and instructions on the Tays website.

Problems with logging in

With the introduction of the two-factor authentication at the University, two-factor authentication is also required for TUNICRIS login. If you are unable to log in, go to and then log in to TUNICRIS at Alternatively, using a private browser (incognito mode) can help.
More information on two-factor authentication on the University's intranet.


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