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Open Access: Open Access journals and books

Immediate Open Access

Scientific articles, book chapters and books can also be published immediately Open Access by paying an article processing charge (APC). The alternatives are gold or hybrid Open Access.

Gold OA means publishing an article in journal where all the content is immediately open. It is also possible to publish a book accoding to Open Access principles. Some publishers also provide an opportunity to publish a chapter as Open Access.  The book processing charges (BPC) vary between  5 000 - 15 000 euro for major international publishers. Helsinki University Press (HUP) and Tampere University Press (TUP) have been profiled as Open Access publishers in Finland.

Hybrid OA means publishing in a subscription based journal and the author can open his/her article by paying an article processing charge determined by the publisher. Otherwise the journal is only available for readers who have paid the subscription fee. This way the publisher collects money from both the author and the readers.

The Tampere higher education community has discounts to article processing charges.

Open e-books and publishers

  • DOAJ is the most extensive critical directory of scientific Open Access books. For those who are interested in OA publishing, DOAB contains a useful listing of subject areas also including information about the publishers.
  • contains Finnish Monographs and Edited Volumes Online

  • Oapen offers an extensive, critical directory of Open Access monographs. The list of Top subjects provides useful information on subjects and contact information of various publishers.
  • Open Access eBooks on JSTOR contains openly accessible academic monographs, mainly in the field of humanities and social sciences.Each book carries one of six Creative Commons licenses determined by the publisher.
  • InTech Open Access Bookscontains openly accessible monographs, mainly in the field of physical sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, health sciences, social sciences and humanities.
  • B.C Open Textbook Collection Multidisciplinary
  • Open Textbook Library Multidisciplinary
  • Milne Open Textbooks (previously Open SUNY Textbooks) Multidisciplinary
  • Physics World Discovery (IOPscience)

Tampere University Press (TUP)

Tampere University Press (TUP) is an Open Access publisher of peer-reviewed academic books focusing on social and human sciences. TUP books are immediately openly available in the Trepo Repository and the OAPEN Library , for example, and are also indexed in the Directory of Open Access Books TUP does not collect Book Processing Charges for open access publishing.

Open Access journals


Publishing theses and series as Open Access in the Tampere higher education community

Theses and series of the Tampere higher education community are published Open Access and they are available via institutional repositories of the Tampere Universities. The theses and series are openly accessible and can be printed for private use. For some theses only an abstract or bibliographic information is available.

Publishing theses and series open access increases the visibility. They get also a permanent e-address and they can be found through search engines.

Publishing theses:


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