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Open Access: Funders' policies

Funders' requirements

Research funders want to promote open science and research, which is why they set requirements for the openness of research publications and data they are funding. The Tampere higher education community recommends following the instructions provided by the funders. Check the detailed information about funder policies on the funders' websites.

A group of national research funding organisations, with the support of the European Commission and the European Research Council (ERC) have announced an initiative Plan S to make full and immediate Open Access to research publications funded by national funding bodies or European research councils a reality by 1 January 2021.

Read about funders' research data requirements in the Research Data Management guide.

Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland requires that Academy-funded projects commit to open access publishing.The  Academy of Finland also supports projects in making their research data and methods freely available. The Academy of Finland supports the objectives of Plan S

Calls opened before January 1st, 2021

The Academy projects funded before 2021 are encouraged to the immediate openness of publications but  the Academy allows the following embargoes (publication delay periods) for the opening of publications

  • in humanisties and social sciences, no more than 12 months
  • in other fields, no more than 6 months.

Further information about open access to peer-reviewed articles in calls opened before January 1st, 2021.

Calls opened after January 1st, 2021

Academy of Finland requirements in the call to be opened after 1 January 2021

  • peer-reviewed articles shall be made immediately open by publishing articles in the Open Access journals, self-archiving articles e.g. in an institutional repository or by publishing articles in the scientific publications which publisher is committed to promoting openness.
  • peer-reviewed articles should be published under a free and immediate open license (preferably CC-BY 4.0)
  • applicants must include a publication plan in their research plan

In projects funded through calls to be opened after 1 January 2021, the Academy of Finland undertakes to finance all costs for the implementation of open access as a part of the overheads.

Publishers offer discounts for article processing charges for Open Access and hybrid journals. Find more information about the discounts available at the Tampere higher education community on the Discounted APCs page.

Read more

Always check the up-to-date information from the funders'  instructions.

OA support funding 2022

The Library covers article processing charges of articles that have been produced during an Academy of Finland funded project (positive funding decision received in a call opened after 1.1.2021). Further information about the support funding and criteria and the application form are available in OA support funding guide

More funders' policies

Several research funding providers require research results and research data to be published in accordance with open access principles. Check the detailed information about funder policies on the funders' websites.

You can check your funders´ policy on Open Access publishing and research data from the following services    

Publication plan

A publication plan is often an essential part of a funding application. Read carefully call text of the research funder and consider following points in writing your plan:

  • does the research funder require open access publishing
  • does the research funder require self-archiving of the peer-reviewed version
  • must a certain Creative Commons license be used
  • how long embargo period is allowed by the research funder or is immediate open access required
  • what kind of self-archiving policies journals considered apply
  • are there any specific requirements for the archive used for self-archiving
  • may the article processing charges be included in the research costs.

During the research project, check regularly that you are complying with the requirements for open access publishing.   

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe (2021-2027) is a research and innovation funding programme that succeeds Horizon 2020 funding programme. Horizon Europe has a budget of 95 billion euros.

Open Science is an integral part of Horizon Europe and Open Science practices of a proposal are evaluated already in the submission phase. During the project phase, all peer reviewed scientific publications must be immediately deposited under Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) or a license with equivalent rights in a repository. For long-text formats such as monographs, licenses with restrictions for derivatives and commercial use are allowed (CC BY-NC and CC BY-ND). The version must be either an accepted author manuscript (final draft, post-print) or a publisher's version (final published version, version of record) of the publication.                 

Always check the up-to-date information in the funder's instructions.

Open Research Europe publication channel

Launched 2021, Open Research Europe is a fully open publication channel where researchers can publish their research articles openly without paying an article processing charge. The channel is intended for publications written in connectiion with projects that have received Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe funding. In addition, researchers can submit manuscripts for which the underlying Horizon project has already ended. In Open Research Europe, the publication process is open form start to finish and it uses open peer review.  

Read more about Open Research Europe


European Comission emphasizes public access to publicly-funded research results. Research projects operating under the programme of  Horizon 2020 (pdf) are recommended to act openly.

Always check the up-to-date information from the funders'  instructions.

Business Finland

Business Finland  is commited to the principles of open science. Business Finland´s open access publishing recommendations are similar to The Academy of Finland. Business Finland recommends researchers to publish their articles following either green or gold open access. Business Finlanddoes not recommend that researchers publish their work in hybrid open access journals. Business Finland allows for an embargo period of no more than six months, except in the humanities and social sciences where the embargo period is no more than twelve months.

Always check the up-to-date information from the funders'  instructions.


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