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Publishing a monograph or a serial publication and ISBN/ISSN identifiers: Guide

Publishing a monograph or a serial publication in Tampere University Institutional Repository Trepo

Trepo is the open institutional repository of Tampere University. Trepo includes open access publications of Tampere University: self-archived articles and other open publications of the Tampere University staff as well as theses of the University. The Open Access books of Tampere University Press will be published on Trepo portal in the TUP OA Books collection.

The collection Monographs and series in Trepo is intended for the publication of reports, working papers, faculty series, etc.

  • At least one of the authors must be affiliated at Tampere University.
  • Publications get ISBN and URN identifiers, and the platform also enables the use of CC licenses.
  • Author is responsible for layout, editing, cover design, printing, and marketing.
  • Publication cover template (TAU) has been designed for you to use. You can see it in Marketing bank. For more information, please contact the communications and marketing staff:

To submit a monograph or a serial publication to Trepo, follow these instructions:


NB: Research articles are self-archived to Research information System TUNICRIS: Self-archiving.

Make digital services accessible

Accessibility ensures equality. Digital accessibility means that all individuals are able to receive the information in an accessible format regardless of the situation at the time or possible individual limitations for the use. Accessibility is crucial for people with special needs due to, for instance, mental and physical disabilities and for elderly people. The documents are challenging for individuals who use low vision aids.

Accessibility means the consideration of human diversity in digital services. In other words, it corresponds to accessibility in the physical world. 

Accessibility Directive

In Finland, accessibility is required also by the Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which applies to the online content and services produces by universities and other authorities. The accessibility requirements cover both digital design of websites and documents on the websites.These are especially the theses that are published in Trepo.

Accessible PDFs

The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to the accessibility early on when creating a document. To make a PDF document accessible, you must first make the original Word document accessible and then convert it into PDF/A format using the appropriate procedure. A correctly saved PDF document contains all of the structures included in the Word document, which, for example, a visually impaired person can utilise to read the document using a screen reader.

At least the following should be taken into consideration in accessible Word documents:

  • The file structure (headings, paragraphs, lists) is created using the Styles menu, not, for example, by changing the font size.
  • The font is sufficiently large and intelligible, while the contrast between the font and background is sufficient.
  • Images have text alternatives that describe the image content to those unable to see the images.
  • Tables are created with the table tool of Word or Excel, and they contain a header row.
  • The language and title (not the same as file name) of the document are assigned in the properties.
  • Accessibility is ensured using Word’s Check Accessibility function.

On the intranet of TUNI, you can find more information on making the documents accessible:

Accessible files website (in Finnish only)

ISBN identifier

An ISBN identifies books intended for public use. Each book and, publication format (e.g. printed and electronic version) and each edition containing changes are rewarded a separate ISBN.

You can get an ISBN for your Tampere University publication via the application form: ISBN application form.

For other publications (e.g. author’s editions, publications published by some other body than Tampere University or a unit that belongs to it), ask for the ISBN from the publisher or the Finnish ISBN Agency. Contact email:

ISSN identifier

ISSN identifies continuing resources such as journals and series. A continuing resource is an indefinitely continuing text publication published in a printed or electronic format with a common title. Multi-volume works (e.g., encyclopaedias) and publication series belonging to projects are not continuing resources, as they are usually designed to have an end date. ISSN is inseparable with the name of the publication; if the name of the publication changes, the identifier must also be changed. A separate ISSN is given to various forms of publication.

Instructions for Tampere University series:

  • Tampere University series are established and coordinated by the faculties.
  • The library applies ISSN identifiers for the new Tampere University series from the Finnish ISSN Agency. The following information is required for the application: title, publisher (faculty, unit), publication format, language and publication frequency. In addition, the first publication appearing in the series is required as a PDF.

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