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TUNICRIS Guide: ORCID Identifier

ORCID identifier

     Open Researcher and Contributor ID


According to Open Science Guidelines at the Tampere higher education community -document (pdf), each researcher should acquire an international ORCID researcher identifier and use it in all scientific activities. ORCID is an open, international and community-based persistent digital identifier that can be used in many different services and systems.

  • The identifier will provide you with a permanent and unique digital identifier, series of numbers that will distinguish you from other researchers.
  • ORCID allows you to attribute all your research outputs correctly and to distinguish between different researchers with the same name.
  • ORCID is permanent, and belongs to you only. Changing institutions or names does not affect your ORCID.
  • ORCID is increasingly common in systems and processes of publishers, research funders and research evaluators.                                    

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

If you need support, contact:

Note in the ORCID service

  • Sign in at and check from My ORCID Record that your name has been synchronized correctly.
  • If you have previously saved publications to ORCID manually or imported them from other sources, ORCID combines the sources together. You can then choose the Preferred source in ORCID.
  • Check your list of publications in ORCID for duplicates. If the publication type differs in different sources, the same publication might appear in ORCID several times. These duplicates can be removed from ORCID manually.

Optional settings in ORCID (highly recommended)

  1. Disable ORCID inbox notifications for automatic updates (e.g. items added by TUNICRIS)
    - Choose ORCID inbox notifications
    - Untick Items are added or edited in my record by a trusted party
  2. Add a secondary email address
    - Choose Email and contact preferences
    - Type in your secondary email address and click Add
    - You can set the primary address by clicking Set Primary
  3. Adjust your Email frequency
    - Choose Email and contact preferences
    - Select the preferred email frequency and click Save

Add and connect your ORCID with TUNICRIS

  1. Log in to TUNICRIS. Choose and
  2. Click
  3. Read the ORCID integration description and then click Proceed
  4. Choose Personal Account
  5. Sign in with your email address you used to register for ORCID or with your ORCID ID

  6. Click Sign into ORCID. Your browser will go back to your TUNICRIS profile.
  7. Click the Save button in TUNICRIS to save the changes

Please note! TUNICRIS transfers your full name (including all forenames) to ORCID by default. If you don't want to display your full name, login to and modify your name by clicking My ORCID Record.

  1. Log in to TUNICRIS.
  2. Choose and
  3. Click
  4. Read the ORCID integration description and then click Proceed
  5. Choose Register now
  6. Check your name, enter your email address and choose a password
  7. Information in your ORCID profile is public by default. You can change the setting at any time from here:
  8. Read and accept the ORCID privacy policy and terms and conditions

  9. Click Register. You will be redirected to your TUNICRIS profile

  10. Click the Save button in TUNICRIS to save the changes

  11. You will receive an email from ORCID to confirm your registration. Click Verify your email address to complete the registration and activate your ORCID ID   


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