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Tampere University Current Research Information Systems

All publication data and academic activities of Tampere University are managed in two research information systems until 2020.

A new shared CRIS will be introduced in 2020. Publications and other academic outputs and activities will be registered as before during the transition phase. TUTCRIS will be used by former TUT staff and SoleCRIS will be used by former UTA staff. Changes will be announced in the TUNI intranet and in this guide.

The information saved in TUTCRIS and SoleCRIS will be used in internal and external reporting (Ministry of Education and Statistics Finland), funding calculation (Ministry of Education and the university) and evaluation of research. SoleCRIS and TUTCRIS are also communication channels of the university, and one of the purposes is to communicate of the University's research properly and correctly.

Data collection

  • Publication data is imported automatically from Web of Science, Scopus and other sources (Arto, Medic, PubMed).
  • All publications are not indexed in online databases. Researchers must register all missing publications themselves.
  • Researchers must check that all of their publications can be found in CRIS systems.
  • Publications of doctoral students, grant researchers and other individuals affiliated to the university mus also be registered. Only publications in research information systems are considered as publications of Tampere University
  • Researchers must also register their academic activities and artistic activities.
  • The library provides assistance with registrations and checks all publication metadata.
  • All research articles must be self-archived if the publisher allows self-archiving. Publications of former UTA staff will be self-archived in Trepo and publications of former TUT staff will be self-archived in TUTCRIS.


  • New research information system TUNICRIS will be launched on October 12, 2020

  • Registering publications and expert tasks in current systems (SoleCRIS, TUTCRIS) ends on September 30.

  • Registration break from October 1 to October 11. New data cannot be registered in research information systems during this time.

  • The library organizes TUNICRIS introductions and trainings starting form September 30. The timetable can be seen in our Training section.

  • Use the affiliation Tampere University / Tampereen yliopisto in all new publications. See also Affiliations in publications.

  • Research groups, projects or funding information will no longer be synchronized to TUTCRIS during the transition phase. Old data will remain in the system.

Getting started

What do I have to do?

What else can I do (TUTCRIS)?