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TUNICRIS Guide: Home


TUNICRIS public portal is open

Backend (for managing your profile and saving content)

  • Login: Can be accessed with TUNI credentials
  • University staff: you can log in with your TUNI credentials. All research and teaching staff, doctoral students as well as those who have an extended resource agreement have automatic access to TUNICRIS. If you belong to another staff group, please apply for access through the Tampere University identity management.
  • PSHP staff: you must use the personal information change form (henkilötietojen muutoslomake) in PSHP intranet to declare that you're currently doing scientific research. When complete, you will receive a TUNI ID to your PSHP email address

Public portal 

TUNICRIS Research Information System

All publication data and academic activities of Tampere University and Pirkanmaa Hospital District are maintained in the TUNICRIS research information system.

TUNICRIS provides an up-to-date view of the university's and PSHP's research activities and improves the visibility of research activities and open access to publications. The information stored in the system is used in internal and external reporting (Ministry of Education and Statistics Finland), funding calculation (Ministry of Education and the university) and in evaluating and monitoring research.

Data can be imported into TUNICRIS from a number of databases and services (e.g., Scopus, WoS, PubMed, ORCID, Scival, Publication Forum,, and PlumX), greatly reducing the manual work involved in saving and checking publications. The connection between TUNICRIS and the institutional repository Trepo makes it easy to self-archive publications directly through the system.

Importing and saving publications

  • The library imports publication data from from Web of Science, Scopus and other sources (Arto, Medic, PubMed).
  • All publications are not indexed in online databases. Researchers must register all missing publications themselves.
  • Researchers must check that all of their publications can be found in CRIS systems.
  • Publications of doctoral students, grant researchers and other individuals affiliated to the university must also be registered.
  • More information about resource agreements can be found in the TUNI-intranet when needed.
  • Only publications in research information systems are considered as publications of Tampere University
  • Researchers must also register their academic activities and artistic activities.
  • The library provides assistance with registrations and checks all publication metadata.
  • All research articles must be self-archived if the publisher allows self-archiving. Full texts are automatically transferred from TUNICRIS to Trepo


TUNICRIS - Current situation (21.4.2021)

Data migration

  • Publications from former CRIS-systems (SoleCRIS, Julkis, TUTCRIS) have been transferred. 
  • Self-archived publications are now automatically transferred to the Trepo institutional repository. All publications self-archived to TUNICRIS can be found in Trepo.   
  • Many publications (mainly published before 2018) still have duplicates as the same publication has been transferred from more than one previous system. Duplicate merger is in process now. The duplicates will be removed from the system so there is no need to inform about these to the library. 
  • Expert tasks from SoleCRIS will be transferred during the spring 2021. 

Login issues

  • Researcher data is synchronised to TUNICRIS from different systems of the university and hospital district. Unfortunately there are issues with the synchornisations at the moment, which is why some researchers may be unable to log in to TUNICRIS. In these cases, researchers can send their publications to the library ( and the library will add them to the database. We are working on the issues with the university's integration services.

New publication and expert tasks can be added to TUNICRIS

  • You can add new publications and expert tasks to TUNICRIS. Please, make sure the publication or expert task is not in the old systems. Expert tasks from SoleCRIS will be transferred during the spring 2021. 

Other announcements

  • TUNICRIS research portal is open.
  • The version of TUNICRIS has been updated in February 2021. The updates affects mainly the layout of the backend.
  • Use the affiliation Tampere University / Tampereen yliopisto in all new publications. See also Affiliations in publications.

Publication data is automatically transferred to national systems

All validated publication data is transferred automatically from TUNICRIS to the national VIRTA publication information service on a daily basis.

VIRTA publication information service is part of the Finnish national research information hub. The service brings together publications from all Finnish universities, research institutes and university hospitals. The Ministry of Education and Culture collects annual publication statistics from the VIRTA service. The same data is also used in applications and reports sent to the Academy of Finland.

All publications that have been transferred to the VIRTA publication information service are displayed in the portal and JUULI publication information portal. Statistical data on publications reported to the Ministry of Education data collection is published annually in Vipunen education statistics portal.

You may retrieve publication information from VIRTA publication information service for example in Academy of Finland’s applications. More information can be found on page Academy of Finland and VIRTA publication information service.

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