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CRIS Guide in English: Artistic activities

Registering artistic activities

Only a few units at the university produce outputs that can be registered as the university's artistic activities.

The activity must be connected to your work at the university, in other words it is the result of your work at the university. Activities that take place during free time are not registered.

The Ministry of Education's instructions (8.3.2016): Definitions of classes F and I in publication data collection (in Finnish only) .

Public artistic and design activities

  • Published independent work of art

An independent art publication that is not part of another work of art or does not contain elements that can be considered independent artistic publications. julkaisun asemaan asetettavia osia.

  • ​​Public partial realisation of a work of art

An art publication can have a close, inseparable relationship with a co-publication, but it can still be valued as a separate work as per field-specific practice (for example, the staging of a play, a painting in a co-exhibition, a chamber musician’s part in a concert, an actor’s performance).

The compilation work for a publication is also entered under this category, i.e. the selection of parts, defining general artistic policies and working on the partial publications with the authors to make them fit within the publication (for example, directing a dramatic work, artistic directing/production of concerts).

  • Artistic part of a non-artistic publication

An artistic part of a publication that is not primarily artistic but is valued as art within the art community (for example, the design of a product in the market, a demanding composition for an advertisement).