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TUNICRIS Guide: Academic activities

Academic activities

You can register various academic activities in TUNICRIS in accordance with the Finnish national activity classification. All activities must be connected to your work at the university, in other words it is the result of your work at the university. Activities that take place during free time are not registered in TUNICRIS.

Activities are currently not included in statistics or reported anywhere, but there are plans to transfer activities automatically to the national service (will be implemented in spring 2021 at the earliest).

The following types can be registered in TUNICRIS:

  • Participating in or organising an event
  • Publication peer review and editorial work
  • Talk or presentation
  • Consultancy
  • Membership
  • Visiting an external institution
  • Hosting a visitor
  • Evaluation, examination and supervision
  • Prizes
  • Press / Media
  • Other

Video: Adding activities in TUNICRIS

Adding activities

  1. Log in to TUNICRIS
  2. Click Add content
  3. Select Activity
  4. Select type (e.g. Publication peer review and editorial work > Reviewer of a scientific journal)
  5. Fill at least the mandatory fields (marked with )
  6. Click Save

If you can't find a suitable category, you can use the category "Other" to register any tasks related to your research works.

Activities can be associated to other experts. File attachments can be added. The library verifies that attachments can be published in the public portal.

If you want to edit previously saved activities, please contact us at