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CRIS Guide in English: Academic activities

Academic activities

The classifications of academic activities in SoleCRIS and TUTCRIS differ somewhat from each other. There are currently no national definitions for monitoring and reporting academic activities, and the activities in SoleCRIS and TUTCRIS are not reported further. During the spring of 2019 we will map out the activity classifications in SoleCRIS and TUTCRIS and strive to ensure that users of both systems have the opportunity to register similar activities. However, only the introduction of the new shared CRIS in 2020 will ensure the consistency of the data to be collected.

Academic activities (SoleCRIS)

The following activities, for example, can be registered in SoleCRIS:

  • Scientific conference presentations (keynotes, other scientific presentations, posters)
  • Tasks related to scientific conferences, e.g. organizing responsibility, presidency, evaluation of conference papers
  • Chief editor, editor, member of an editorial board or a reviewer of a scientific publication
  • Managerial tasks of a scientific society or network, task related to a graduate school, management of a scientific program
  • Statement of assesment, pre-examination of dissertation, acting as opponent for doctoral dissertation
  • Tasks related to societal interaction
  • Tasks related to university pedagocial education and thesis instruction

Scientific presentations are the only activities that can be associated with other experts. All other activities are registered as personal. All activities must be related to your academic expertise.

See the field instructions in the SoleCRIS input form for more instructions.

Academic activities (TUTCRIS)

The following activites, for example, can be registered in TUTCRIS. You can add activites by clicking Add new > Activity.

  • Peer-review activites
  • Membership of an organizing committee of a conference
  • Presentations
  • Positions of trust
  • Visits to external institutions

If you can't find a suitable category, you can use the category "Other" to register any tasks related to your research works.

Activities can be associated to other experts. File attachments can be added. The library verifies that attachments can be published in the public portal.

Please contact us if you want to correct publicly visible activities.