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Teacher's guide: Teacher as researcher

Teaching and researching

Teachers in a higher education are occupied with both teaching and research work in one way or another.

More about teaching and researching: Teaching and learning centre

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Data service

Research Data Services assist the staff and students of the Tampere higher education community in matters related to research data management. What we do:

  • We organise research data management and data protection trainings covering topics such as describing your data, data protection, data storage services and sharing your data. Content of trainings and workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. More detailed information on trainings will be updated to our website. Don't hesitate to contact us!
  • We provide you with this Data management guide and other instructions and resources for the planning, organising, storing, sharing and sharing of research data.
  • We comment on data management plans

Plase email and let’s solve your problem together!

Publication repositories

The researchers of Tampere University are responsible for saving their publication information to institutional repository.

Researchers of Tampere University will save publication information to TUNICRIS. Publication data collected in system is used for internal and external reporting (e.g. OKM and Statistics Finland), calculation of funding (OKM and University), evaluation and monitoring of research and information on research.

All publication data saved in TUNICRIS is sent automatically to the national VIRTA publication information service. All publication data sent to VIRTA is displayed in and  JUULI portal.

More information: TUNICRIS-guide.


Publications made by TAMK staff are reported to Justus service. Publication infromation can be browsed through service.

What do I have to do in TUNICRIS?

What do I have to do?

What else can I do?

Guides for Researchers


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ORCID identifier

According to Open Science Guidelines in the Tampere higher education community -document (pdf), each researcher should acquire an international ORCID researcher identifier and use it in all scientific activities.

ORCID is an open, international and community-based persistent digital identifier that can be used in many different services and systems. The identifier will provide you with a permanent and unique digital identifier, series of numbers that will distinguish you from other researchers. 

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

Maintain your profile and add your missing publications to ORCID if you notice your profile is incomplete or you have changed your affiliation. Instructions for importing publications from different databases can be found in pdf-file above.

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