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Acquisition guidelines: General guidelines

General guidelines for the Library's information resources acquisition

  • Acquiring materials and resources is part of the Library's collection work. 
  • We acquire information resources for the needs of Tampere Universities and Tampere University Hospital.
  • We develop our collection in accordance with the strategic goals of Tampere Universities and its key research and teaching areas by acquiring high-quality, up-to-date and versatile information resources.
  • Our collection consists of materials acquired by the Library as well as selected open access materials.
  • We acquire the resources mainly based on the acquisitions requests received from our customers. The acquisition is supplemented with materials selected by the Library's information specialists.
  • We follow the University's general acquisition and tendering guidelines. 
  • We do not acquire materials for the use of departments or staff (for example for research groups, work rooms, or subject libraries). You can find more detailed instructions for ordering books in the University's intranet.
  • We acquire e-resources based on IP authentication.

Flexible access to materials is also ensured through cooperation with other libraries. This takes into account the services offered by other libraries in the region, the interlibrary loan service and the article purchase service (Get It Now). The primary partner for interlibrary loans is the National Repository Library.

Contact information for information resources acquisition

In questions concerning information resources acquisition please contact:

Acquisition request form

Course book form

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P. 0294 520 900

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