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Submitting and publishing your thesis: Good to know before the submission

Summer break in Trepo concerning theses: University Library has a summer break in the thesis process 8.-21.7.2024. During the time library won’t handle the theses submitted to Trepo nor answer the emails concerning the University’s theses in thesis-mailbox ( Students can submit their theses to Trepo during the break. The student must be registered as present in order to submit a thesis on Trepo.

Publicity of your thesis

Accepted thesis is a public document

  • Your thesis can't include any secret information. Possible secret or otherwise separate material won't be archived by the university.
  • Thesis must be written so that it is public in any way.
  • Thesis will come public after it has been accepted.

Check these before submitting your thesis to evaluation

Checklist for students before submitting the thesis

  • Copyright - make sure you have the right to use all the materials (for example pictures, notes, photos) in the online version of your thesis. More about copyright and article permissions on the guide Publishing a dissertation at the Tampere University: Article permissions
  • Remove your personal information (student number, address, phone number, contact information in the appendix) and other information you don't want to be published online.
  • Remove incorrect information in Description field ( File - Properties - Description). In case you have got the thesis template from someone else, make sure whose name is in the Description field.
  • Your thesis is made according to the instructions of the University or TAMK, also the title and the abstract page.
  • You are submitting the right version of the thesis and you have got the permission to submit the thesis from your supervisor.
  • Your thesis has gone through the Turnitin check.
  • The file is in PDF/A -format (normal PDF file is not enough):
    • You can use Muuntaja -service for converting theses in PDF/A format. Read more and test the service in You can log in to the service with your Tuni account.
    • Take a look at PDF/A guide or if you have problems contact

Make files accessible

Accessibility ensures equality. Digital accessibility means that all individuals are able to receive the information in an accessible format regardless of the situation at the time or possible individual limitations for the use. Accessibility is crucial for people with special needs due to, for instance, mental and physical disabilities and for elderly people. The documents are challenging for individuals who use low vision aids.

Accessibility Directive

The accessibility law came into force on 1 April 2019. The law includes the requirements of the European accessibility act, and it applies mainly to the public sector. The accessibility requirements cover both digital design of websites and documents on the websites.

Accessible PDFs

The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to the accessibility early on when creating a document.

Muuntaja -service in use

Muuntaja -service for converting PDF/A format

We have opened the Muuntaja -service for converting theses into PDF/A format. With the help of Muuntaja -service you can easily convert your thesis into PDF/A format. Read more and test the service in You can log in to the service with your Tuni account.



Make sure, your thesis is in PDF/A –format when submitting the thesis!

Take a look at PDF/A guide or if you still have problems contact

Cover and abstract of the thesis, other instructions

Tampere University

Please note the templates of the faculties and the degree programmes. You can find instructions and templates for example in Student's guide: Student’s guide – Student´s handbook – Studying – Thesis

Students of architecture must follow the templates where applicable (for example the information on the cover and abstract).

If the faculty/degree programme does not have a template of its own please use this template for the cover and abstract page of your thesis. Choose the mode "Print layout".

Please take note of e.g. the colours, the logo and the positioning of the title on the cover page.

University's general instructions on thesis can be found in Student's guide. You can find for example faculties' instructions and graduation schedules in Student's guide.


TAMK's instructions for submitting your thesis can be found in TAMK Handbook

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