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Systematic searching: Finding full texts

Locating the full text

Bibliographic databases, such as Medline, do not always provide a direct link to the full text. Especially when doing a systematic review, it is not advisable to use the limit to full-text options provided by the database, as this will overly restrict the results that are relevant to your research.

Guidelines on how students at the Tampere University and TAMK can search for full texts are provided below.

How to check the availability of the full text?

1. Check the full-text links

Click on the full-text links and icons that appear in the database. The links are often named "Full text". To identificate, make sure you are logged into the database via library's Andor search portal.
Read more on the remote access instructions below.

2. Check with Google Scholar

Copy the name of the article you need from the reference database. Log in to Google Scholar via the library's website. Paste the name of the article into the search box. Sometimes it is necessary to include quotation marks around the name of the article to search for a phrase that occurs consecutively. For example, "Nurse leaders as managers of ethically sustainable caring cultures". Google Scholar locates material from both paid databases to which an organisation subscribes and open access repositories.

3. Check with Andor and try DOI-search

Log in to Andor at the University of Tampere Library. Paste the name of the article into the search field and click on the Andor search for international articles. Sometimes it is necessary to put quotation marks around the name of an article to search for consecutive phrases. The search will locate material from both paid databases to which your organisation subscribes and from a number of open access publication archives. If you can't find the full text of an article, you may be able to find the collection data for a print journal on the basic search page. You can scan a print journal article for yourself. It is possible to use DOI-search via Andor - you can search digital full-text article by using DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or using PubMed ID (PMID) identifier.

4. Get It Now

Get It Now (GIN) is a service hosted by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). The staff of Tampere Universities and Tays can use it to order articles that are not included in the library's e-collections. Get It Now further improves the availability of scientific e-journals.

When you search the Andor search service for an article that is available on Get It Now, you will find a CCC Get It Now link in the article reference. The link will open a form. Fill in your email address and accept the terms and conditions of the service. You will receive the article directly in your inbox within 24 hours, often within a few hours.

5. LibKeyNomad

Libkey Nomad is a browser extension from Third Iron that helps you find the material you need. If you go to the publisher's or intermediary's site directly and not through the library's links, you will not normally be able to access the material. However, Libkey Nomad can tell you if an article you have found is available from the University of Tampere Library and provide you with a direct link to download the article.

6. Other libraries in the Tampere region

Check with other libraries in Tampere and the surrounding area if they carry the item you are looking for.

7. Interlibrary loans

If we don't have a book or other resource you need in our collections, and it is not available at other libraries in the Tampere region, we can order it for you from another library in Finland or in some cases, abroad. You can order interlibrary loans by filling out an online form.This service carries a fee.

Alternative access

Please see the Alternative Access guide for more information on other methods for accessing full texts.

How to find full text articles?

Many databases have a linking service that allows you to retrieve the full text of a reference.
1a. Under the title of the reference you will find the Download PDF link.
1b. The SFX icon  also provides access to the full text. Sometimes the service takes you to a database/journal page. Retrieve the title of the article and the year and issue of the journal.

1c. In some databases, fulll texts can be accessed by clicking a Find It icon  

2. In Full text availability view  there is a list of the databases where the item can be found in full text. Note: sometimes the links will only take you to the database/journal home page. You may have to search for the correct year and issue yourself.


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