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Student's guide to responsible and open science: Searching open access resources

What are open access publications?

Open access (OA) publications can be articles, journals, books, theses, reports, etc. On this page, you will find information sources (repositories, search services) where you can search for different types of OA publications. You will also find tips on effective searching methods (e.g. browser extensions). For open access publications, it is important to assess their reliability and scientific quality.

Finnish open access repositories and services

Finnish search service - Finna

Theses of the Tampere Higher Education Community


Preprint refers to the first submitted manuscript version of an article that has not yet been peer reviewed. Preprint enables the quick publication of research results and comments from the scientific community to improve the quality of the manuscript. Preprint publishing is important in fields of science where the publishing processes of scientific journals takes a long time or where new research is produced in a rapid cycles. A preprint can increase the visibility and impact of publications and research and reach readers who do not have access to subscription-based scientific journals. Publishers often take a positive stand to publishing preprints in a preprint repository and may even recommend using a specific preprint repository. 

Preprint repositories were initially established mainly for natural and medical disciplines, nowadays they are available in almost all disciplines. Examples of preprint repositories:

Browser extensions to search for open articles

Browser extensions (add-ons) help you find openly available versions of articles. Most add-ons work in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.). For example, you can download one of the ones below.

Search engines for open scholarly resources

Theses from around the world

How to identify predatory journals or publishers?

If you want to check the reliability of a journal, you can check its details in JUFO and/or the Cabells database, for example.

More information on the reliability of sources and tools to support evaluation:

How to evaluate the reliability of an open book?

More information on Federation of Finnish Learned Societies' peer-reviewed label.

Open Educational Resources

Are you looking for support for your learning, your studies or do you want to develop your skills? You can make use of various open libraries of learning materials, where you can search for materials by subject, discipline or type of material.

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