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Civil Engineering: Writing and citing

Support for writing

Reference management software

With reference management software, you can save and organize your references and automatically create citations and bibliographies in your text.

For more information, see library's guide Reference management .

Student: Always check the citation style used in your thesis with your supervisor or from your department.

Citing and copyright

See the guidelines for writing a thesis in your faculty, unit or subject (intranet).

References to artificial intelligence

Should I refer to ChatGPT?

Yes, if you have used ChatGPT in your work, you must mention all its use. Check out the instructions of your university:

How do you make a citation to ChatGPT according to a specific citation style? See instructions e.g. :

  • For example, an APA-style citation: 
    OpenAI. (Year). ChatGPT (Month Day version) [Large language model].

Writing your own texts (answers to assignments, essays, etc.) on ChatGPT is considered plagiarism or dishonesty in most institutions, even if you cite the source. Using ChatGPT in this way is not recommended.

Submitting and publishing your thesis

Submitting and publishing your thesis -guide

  • See here the guidelines for the submission and electronic archiving of theses of the Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Publishing a dissertation at the Tampere University -guide

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