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Chemistry: Other materials

Guide for chemistry students

Using open data in your studies

You can use different types of open data in your studies. This open data can be interviews, questionnaires, statistics, or measurements or language corpuses. You can use different types of open data as part or your thesis or research. Open data can be found through various search portals.

  • Aila Data Service – Research data deposited in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD), with extensive metadata both in Finnish and in English.
  • Etsin – Research data finder, which contains descriptive information (metadata). Part of the Fairdata Services.
  • Avaa – Open research data portal. Provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • GitHub – Service for opening and sharing code
  • The Language Bank Fin-Clarin –  A comprehensive text and speech corpora. Basic use is free for academic researchers and students.
  • Paituli spatial data service – Includes datasets from following data providers: Finnish Meteorological Institute, National Land Survey, Traffic Agency, Agency for rural affairs, Statistics Finland and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Part of Avaa research data portal.
  • Zenodo – Open data archive, fuelled by CERN and OpenAIRE


Read about statistics at Statistics Finaldn website:
Other statistics:

Laws and regulations

  • EUR-Lex database covers the legal information on European Union: official journal, treaties, legislation, legislation in preparation, case-law, parliamentary questions, documents of public interest, preparation of enlargement.
  • FINLEX is a freely accessible database of Finnish legislation. The texts are mainly in Finnish and in Swedish.
  • Library of Parliament


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