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Information Searching Guide: Information searching as a process

Use this guide to study the principles of scientific information searching: narrowing down a topic, choosing the right search terms and information sources and evaluating the search results. Mastering these valuable skills will prove useful in your studie

Information searching as a process

  • Information searching begins with a need for information and the topic of the search.
  • When you are planning the search:
    • you parse your topic and pick the relevant keywords 
    • you select the information sources.
  • As you are doing the searches you evaluate the success of the search and edit it as needed.
  • Then you select and locate the most relevant documents and full texts, both electronic and printed as needed.
  • Once it is time to use the information you evaluate it for relevance and use the information ethically
  • In practice the different parts of the process happen at the same time.

Information searching process.

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