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Alternative Access: Browser extensions


Web browser extensions (also known as Add-ons) help you access articles from different databases. Most extensions work with different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer etc.). You can find instructions how to install and use them following the links in the Extensions section below.


LibKey Nomad helps you find open access versions of articles. It is active at various sites such as publisher pages, Scopus, ResearchGate, PubMed, Wikipedia and more. After adding extension, select Tampere University Library as your organization to enable download links to articles brought by Library .

Unpaywall helps you find open access versions of articles. When the extension is enabled, you can see the green-colored open lock symbol if there is an alternative access available. The extension also has "OA nerd mode" that tells the OA classification of the article (gold, green etc).

You can search articles from Google Scholar selecting text from any web site and clicking Google Scholar Button. After clicking the button you see three most relevant results from Google Scholar and the rest can be found clicking the full screen symbol in the bottom of the opened window.

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

OAButton helps you find open access versions of articles. Clicking the OAbutton will open the article directly if founded or help you ask the author to freely share it with you.

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer. 

Lazy scholar helps you find open access versions of articles. It also provides other information such as citation metrics, related citations, sharing options etc.

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox.

EndNote Click helps you find open access versions of articles.

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera.


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