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Terms of Use: Printed materials


Arene Council of the Polytechnics, UNIFI Association of Finland's Universities and copying association Kopiosto have agreed on copying rights for the purposes of teaching, research, and administrative use of higher education institutions.

Kopiosto's copy license does not apply to materials to which the institution has access under other license or contract. The terms of use for these materials are determined in individual license agreements.

Kopiosto's copy license

Kopiosto's copy license for education, research and administration allows

  • partial photocopying and scanning of printed publications, such as books, magazines, scientific journals, and sheet music
  • the partial storage and printing of images and textual materials freely available on the internet, such as articles, digital publications, reports, and e-books

The copies can be:

  • distributed to students or research group taking part in a course in hard copies and prints
  • incorporated into your own teaching materials, as well as students' study, training and other project work
  • saved in a closed course platform available to students or research group participating in that particular course
  • sent to students or research group taking part in the course by email
  • used in translation and variation exercises
  • used in research, for example in data mining

The license covers universities' free training, research activities, internal administration use, and open university and open UAS education as well as academic continuing education organised by universities.

For wider use, you must ask permission from copyright owner. Please contact for further details.

Source: Kopiosto website


Can I scan a chapter from a book and save it in Moodle?

  • You may scan and save 20 pages, up to 20 % of a printed book. For wider use, you need a permission from the copyright owner.

Can I scan a whole book?

  • Scanning an entire book is not allowed.

Can I scan an article for students participating in my course?

  • You may scan an entire scientific article from a scientific journal.

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