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Shelf numbers at Tampere University Library: Hervanta

Hervanta general collection

P 001/002

Research. Scientific communication. Information services

P 004

Information technology. Computer architecture. Computer hardware. Data handling. User interface. Computer applications

P 004.4

Software. Operating systems

P 004.7

Computer communications. Computer networks

P 1

Philosophy. Psychology

P 3

Social sciences

P 33

National economy. Trade. Economic policy

P 331

Labour. Employment. Work

P 332

Land policy. Real estate. Housing policy

P 34


P 35

Public administration

P 37

Education. Universities

P 51


P 519

Applied mathematics

P 528

Surveying. Geodesy. Photogrammetry

P 53

Physics. Units. Quantities

P 531

General mechanics. Mechanics of solid and rigid bodies

P 532/533

Mechanics of liquids and gases

P 534/535

Acoustics. Vibration of bodies. Optics

P 536

Heat. Thermodynamics

P 537

Electricity. Magnetism

P 539

Solid state physics. Strenght of materials. Nuclear physics

P 54


P 55

Earth sciences

P 57/59

Microbiology. Biochemistry. Biotechnology

P 61

Medicine. Biomedical engineering

P 613.6

Occupational health. Safety engineering. Environmental health

P 614.7

Environmental sciences

P 62

Engineering. Machine design. Maintenance of machines.

P 62-5

Control engineering. Automation

P 620

Materials sciences. Materials testing

P 620.9

Energy economy. Renewable resources

P 621

Mechanical engineering. Hydraulics. Pneumatics

P 621.3

Electrical engineering

P 621.31

Electrical power engineering

P 621.37/.38


P 621.39

Communication engineering. Digital signal processing

P 621.7

Production engineering

P 624

Civil engineering

P 624.01/.04

Structural engineering. Structures. Structural mechanics

P 624.1

Substructures. Earthworks. Foundations

P 625/627

Highway engineering. Land transportation

P 628

Environmental engineering

P 628.1

Water supply

P 628.2/.4

Sewage. Sewerage. Waste handling

P 629

Vehicle engineering

P 65

Industrial management

P 651

Business administration. Knowledge management

P 656

Transportation engineering

P 657

Accountancy. Finance

P 658

Industrial engineering and management

P 658.8

Marketing. Internationalisation

P 66

Process engineering. Energy engineering. Metals. Ceramics

P 676

Pulp and paper industry

P 677

Textile and clothing technology

P 678

Plastics. Polymer engineering

P 69

Building trade. Construction economics. Renovation. Facilities management.

P 691/694

Building materials. Structural parts. Building work

P 696/699

HVAC-technology. Protection of building

P 7

Arts. Interior decorating. Photography

P 71

Planning. Land use. Planning of traffic routes

P 711.2/.3

Country planning

P 711.4

Urban planning and design. Town planning

P 711.5

Parts of settlements. Centres. Subcentres. Residential areas

P 712/719

Landscape planning. Recreatial areas

P 72

Architecture. History of architecture

P 72.01/.02

Theory and philosophy of architecture

P 72.07


P 725/727

Public buildings. Buildings for educational, scientific, cultural purposes

P 728

Domestic architecture

P 8

Dictionaries. Language guides

P 91


P 92/99

History. Personal directories

Hervanta reference collection

P Ref G 0

Science.  Research. Universities

P Ref G 006


P Ref G 03


P Ref G 038

Dictionaries. Abbreviations. Thesauri. Symbols

P Ref G 058

Product information. Directories of organizations

P Ref G 084

Maps. Timetables

P Ref G 3

National economy. Law. Public administration


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