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Business and Economy: Books


You can find most of the library's e-books in Andor. If you want to you can seach in the e-book services own interface. There you can do more specific searches in the full text of ebooks. You can also browse the collections.

E-books can be read online or you can download them to your own device.

Printed books

You can find the the location information (which of the library's service points the book is in, shelf number) for printed books in Andor. Books can be alphabetized in the shelves according to author's last name or book title, Andor will tell you this information also.

Didn't find a book that you need?

Interlibrary loan - borrow books from other libraries

If we don't have a particular book, you can request it as an interlibrary loan from other Finnish libraries. Please note that there is a fee for this service.

How to evaluate books

Here are some things to consider when you use books as source material.

Publisher: Who is the publisher?

  • The Finnish Publication Forum classifies the book publishers (also journals, series, conferences)
  • University Presses publish mainly scientic publications.

Author: What do you know about the author?

  • Is the author a professor in highly valued university or what are the author’s credentials?
  • Does the author have authority in the field or topic

Content: Does it contain bibliography and in-text references?

Selected printed books


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