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Browzine guide: Libkey Nomad Browser extension

Libkey Nomad

Libkey Nomad is a browser extension created by Third Iron. It helps you to find articles acquired by Tampere University library. If you go straight to publisher’s or aggregator’s page or use Google for searching not using library’s services, you will not be able to access materials provided by the library. Libkey Nomad let’s you know if article you found is available through the library services and will provide you with a link to access or download it.

Libkey Nomad logo.

Compatible browsers

Libkey Nomad is at the moment available for Firefox and Chromium-based browsers Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave ja Vivaldi.


Download Libkey Nomad

Installing Libkey Nomad is simple. Click the button below to go to download page and choose the browser you are using.


Download Libkey Noman button.


After installing the browser extension you will be asked the institution you use. Find "Tampere University Library" from the list and you are ready to use Libkey Nomad.

You'll know Libkey Nomad is installed when Libkey logo appears at the browser's top bar.

Libkey logo in browser's top bar.

How to use

Normally you can access materials provided by the library only using library's service (for example Andor searches and the database list). If you go straight to aggregaotor's or publisher's site or use Google to search articles you will not normally see if library has access to the material you found.

However when you have Libkey Nomad installed to your computer, it will signal you with a pop up icon at the bottom corner of the screen if the article is available to you. By clicking the icon you will be redirected to the university's login service to login with tuni-account. After login you'll have access to the article or you will be able to download it depending on the provider. Libkey will not save your credentials.


Example of Download PDF logo at publishers site.

An example of Libkey Nomad's pop up at publishers site.

Libkey Nomad demonstration video

No need for separate account

Libkey Nomad does not require separate account. It will use library’s holdings information and open access databases to check if the article is available through the library or is available for free. If it is, Libkey Nomad will provide user with a link to the article. After opening the link user will be redirected to university’s own login page for authentication before accessing the article. Libkey Nomad does not cache the users university credentials.

Download PDF -logo.

Provided by Tampe Univeristy library -logo.

You will recognize downloadable article from Download PDF or Provided by Tampere Univeristy logos above.


Libkey Nomad will only ask for user’s library information. Based on that it’ll be able to determine the materials user is allowed to access. Authentication will happen using Tampere university’s own login page with tuni-account.

Browser extension will activate only on specific sites. These sites are:

According to it’s statement Third Iron collects user’s IP information and information about which articlea are viewed but anonymously. IP address information is only used as a necessary part of delivering their services. For example determining if a proxy needs to be applied. Information about the articles being viewed is completely anonymous and reported only at an institution level for usage reporting to the subscribing institution. Library receives monthly usage report from Third Iron.

Third Iron's privacy policy can be found here.

There is also more information about the technical solution used here.


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