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Biomedical Science and Engineering: Journals

Guide for biomedical science and engineering students

Finding journals

If you are looking for a particular journal:

  1. Go to Andor's e-journal list
  2. Contact the Library's acquisitions service

International e-journals

Go to Andor to find all e-journals or browse them by subject.

Sample journals:

The cover of: Biomaterials


Available from 1995

JUFO level: 2


The cover of: Nature Biotechnology

Nature Biotechnology

Available from 1983

JUFO level: 3

More journals in biomedical sciences and  engineering in the following databases:

Andor journal search

Search Andor for journals

Printed journals

The library subscribes several printed journals and magazines, such as InTech, Electronics World, and Everyday with practical electronics. The latest volumes of these magazines are located in Hervanta. 

All printed journals can be found in Andor.          


The Library has an ongoing subscription to several Finnish newspapers and a few foreign newspapers (Frankfurter Allgemeine and The Financial Times). Foreign newspapers are available in Linna (city centre campus).

Read more about our newspaper collections from our website. 

How to evaluate journals?


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