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Information searching training: Teaching at Tampere University city centre and Kauppi campus

Teaching at city centre campus

Bachelor's Degree Students

  • Students attending their Bachelor's Thesis Seminar have to attend a compulsory information searching training. The teaching is part of the seminar, no separate sign-up necessary.

Master's Degree Students (arriving)

  • International students arriving at Tampere University to pursue their Master's Degree attend a 2-hour compulsory information searching teaching that is part of their general studies.
  • Basics of Information Literacy is a 1 ECTS course compulsory for the students of HTI, CBDA and SDE Master's Degree Programmes

Master's Thesis Seminar Students

  • Students attending a Master's Thesis Seminar at city centre campus have to attend a 2-hour advanced information searching workshop. The teaching is part of the seminar, no separate sign-up necessary.

More information about Information searching teaching at city centre campus: Information Specialist Saija Tapio

Teaching at Kauppi Campus

MDP in Biomedical Technology

  • Arriving Students:
  • Master's Thesis Seminar Students:
  • More information: Information Specialist Esa Hakala


MDP in Public and Global Health

  • Arriving students:Basic skills in information retrieval: 30 September and 7 October 2019
  • Master's Thesis Seminar Students: spring 2020, exact date and time will be announced later
  • More information: Information Specialists Sari Mäkelä and Jaana Isojärvi