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Research impact and visibility: General

Scientific publications and research evalution

The impact and visibility of scientific research are evaluated in many ways, for example by examining how many citations research publications have received in newer publications.

Reasons for measuring research impact are e.g. university funding models and measuring the productivity of the university research output. Evaluations is done for internal and external use.

Nowadays publishing and where one publishes is more and more important. Also a researcher needs citation analysis when applying for a job or a grant, choosing a publication forum or when wanting to become acquainted with other researchers in the same field.


Bibliometrics examine scientific publication activity, the most cited publications and the linkages between citing articles. It is the study of the impact of a publication, an author or an institution based on the number of times works and/or authors have been cited by others.  

The best known citation analysis databases are Web of Science (WoS), Scopus and Google Scholar (GS).

Bibliometrics can be used for many purposes:                

What can be measured?

  • publications per year, per author/group/institution
  • publication type like articles, conference papers, dissertations and monographs
  • collaboration between researchers, groups, organizations etc.
  • who is citing whom, what, when

Bibliometric services

High impact and visibility of research is one of the key goals of Tampere University.

The Library offers training and guidance on using the different measurement methods, bibliometrics, altmetrics and datametrics.

The faculties of Tampere University, Tampere University Hospital and Tampere University of Applied Sciences may order bibliometric analyses.

The Library metric team produces responsible bibiliometrics and analyses according to:


Requests for publication analyses can be sent to: lib.metrics(at)

Contact us

If you need guidance with citations and h-index you can use Book a Librarian -service or see the h-index quick guides.

For more information related to evaluating publication activities or bibliometrics, please contact: lib.metrics(at)