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Shelf numbers at Tampere University Library: Hervanta

Shelf numbers in Hervanta

P 001/002 Research. Scientific communication. Information services
P 004 Information technology. Computer architecture. Computer hardware. Data handling. User interface. Computer applications
P 004.4 Software. Operating systems
P 004.7 Computer communications. Computer networks
P 1 Philosophy. Psychology
P 3 Social sciences
P 33 National economy. Trade. Economic policy
P 331 Labour. Employment. Work
P 332 Land policy. Real estate. Housing policy
P 34 Law
P 35 Public administration
P 37 Education. Universities
P 51 Mathematics
P 519 Applied mathematics
P 528 Surveying. Geodesy. Photogrammetry
P 53 Physics. Units. Quantities
P 531 General mechanics. Mechanics of solid and rigid bodies
P 532/533 Mechanics of liquids and gases
P 534/535 Acoustics. Vibration of bodies. Optics
P 536 Heat. Thermodynamics
P 537 Electricity. Magnetism
P 539 Solid state physics. Strenght of materials. Nuclear physics
P 54 Chemistry
P 55 Earth sciences
P 57/59 Microbiology. Biochemistry. Biotechnology
P 61 Medicine. Biomedical engineering
P 613.6 Occupational health. Safety engineering. Environmental health
P 614.7 Environmental sciences.
P 62 Engineering. Machine design. Maintenance of machines.
P 62-5 Control engineering. Automation
P 620 Materials sciences. Materials testing
P 620.9 Energy economy. Renewable resources
P 621 Mechanical engineering. Hydraulics. Pneumatics
P 621.3 Electrical engineering
P 621.31 Electrical power engineering
P 621.37/.38 Electronics
P 621.39 Communication engineering. Digital signal processing
P 621.7 Production engineering
P 624 Civil engineering
P 624.01/.04 Structural engineering. Structures. Structural mechanics
P 624.1 Substructures. Earthworks. Foundations
P 625/627 Highway engineering. Land transportation
P 628 Environmental engineering
P 628.1 Water supply
P 628.2/.4 Sewage. Sewerage. Waste handling
P 629 Vehicle engineering
P 65 Industrial management
P 651 Business administration. Knowledge management
P 656 Transportation engineering
P 657 Accountancy. Finance
P 658 Industrial engineering and management
P 658.8 Marketing. Internationalisation
P 66 Process engineering. Energy engineering. Metals. Ceramics
P 676 Pulp and paper industry
P 677 Textile and clothing technology
P 678 Plastics. Polymer engineering
P 69 Building trade
P 69.0 Construction economics. Renovation. Facilities management.
P 691/694 Building materials. Structural parts. Building work
P 696/699 HVAC-technology. Protection of building
P 7 Arts. Interior decorating. Photography
P 71 Planning. Land use. Planning of traffic routes
P 711.2/.3 Country planning
P 711.4 Urban planning and design. Town planning
P 711.5 Parts of settlements. Centres. Subcentres. Residential areas
P 712/719 Landscape planning. Recreatial areas
P 72 Architecture. History of architecture
P 72.01/.02 Theory and philosophy of architecture
P 72.07 Architects
P 725/727 Public buildings. Buildings for educational, scientific, cultural purposes
P 728 Domestic architecture
P 8 Dictionaries. Language guides
P 91 Geography
P 92/99 History. Personal directories