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E-book guide: Reading and downloading

How does an e-book work?

Where can I find e-books?

  • You can find individual e-books in Andor search service. The books in ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) and EEBO (Early English Books Online) collections can be found in their own interfaces.
  • E-book collections can be found in the list of databasesChoose database type: e-book databases.

How can I access e-books?

  • You can read e-books on computers belonging to the network of Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences or  Tampere University Hospital.
  • You can also access e-books remotely from anywhere signing in to Andor with your TUNI user account or with your user credential of Tampere University Hospital.

How can I read e-books?

  • You can read e-books online in your computer's web browser (except some Ellibs books). PDF-files require Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader logo

  • It is also possible to download most e-books to your device for a specific loan period and read them offline. The loan period ends automatically.
  • To download an e-book you need a reader application (usually Adobe Digital Editions) and an Adobe ID for activating the reader for your device.

You can find more detailed instructions for downloading and using e-books on this guide's E-book services & downloading pages.

Adobe ID

Many e-books are DRM-protected (Digital Rights Management). In order to download them you need  a personal Adobe ID in addition to an e-book reader application. With the Adobe ID you authorize the reader application to your device.  You only need to create the ID once.

First, create your personal Adobe ID. Then download the relevant app for your device and authorize it with your Adobe ID. Your Adobe ID is the e-mail address you used to create the Adobe account.


Downloading to a computer or to a mobile device

Adobe Digital Editions



NB: If you are staff in Tampere University community and have a work machine, you can download Adobe Digital Editions from Software Center.

  • Authorize the reader for your device with your Adobe ID. Choose Adobe ID as the eBook vendor. You can authorize the reader in the first time or later from ADE's menu Help - Authorize computer.  visit
  • If you use an e-book with computer and you do not want to use the same book with different devices, you can authorize the reader without Adobe ID. Choose "I want to authorize my computer without an ID".
  • If you have problems with e-book downloading, you can try to erase the authorization (Help - Erase authorization) and then authorize again.

Where to contact with e-book problems?

Reading e-books in Adobe Digital Editions on the computers of the Library and class rooms