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APC support funding: APC support funding

How to apply funding for APCs

Closing time for applications is 31.12.2020 at 12.00.

You can apply support funding for an article processing charge (APC), when you work as a grant holder at Tampere University and your article is accepted for publication 1.9.-31.12.2020. Please follow the instructions:

  1. First, go to our Open Access guide and check if there is a discount that you could utilize as a researcher at Tampere University to publish your article openly with reduced APC or without paying a fee. Follow the instructions to receive the discount. If the publication channel you have selected is not eligible for a discount or the full APC is not covered, you can apply for APC support funding.  
  2. Read the criteria and see if you and your article are eligible for support funding.
  3. Fill in the application form and send the acceptance letter from the publisher to the email address Please remove peer review statements etc. from the acceptance letter.
  4. When your application for support funding is accepted, notify the publisher of the invoicing address of the University as instructed.

The APC will be funded by the APC project that is running until the end of the year 2020.  

Criteria for APC support funding

APC support funding will be granted when the corresponding author and the publication fulfil the following criteria. The APC support funding is aimed at grant holders with an resource agreement with Tampere University. The agreement must be valid when applying for funding. You can apply for the APC support funding during 1.9.-31.12.2020.   

  • The corresponding author is affiliated with Tampere University and the affiliation is given in the publication.
  • The corresponding author has a valid resource agreement to work as a grant holder at Tampere University (more information on grant holders on intranet, log in to access).
  • Funding is available for peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and chapters in books (publication types A1-A4 in the Ministry of Education'spublication data collection)  that are published open access.
  • The article is published in a Gold (fully) Open Access publication channel or in a hybrid channel in cases when there are no high-quality OA channels in the field, the publisher doesn't allow self-archiving or the embargo period applied is unreasonably long. 
  • The publication channel
  • The APC invoice is directed to Tampere University and sent to the invoicing address of the University.
  • The grant holder can apply for APC support funding only when the article is approved for publication.
  • The grant holder must send the acceptance letter from the publisher when applying for APC support funding.
  • The publisher invoices only for the APC, not other charges related to publishing.

Instructions for invoicing

The invoice covering the APC of an open access article must be addressed to Tampere University (as Tampere University Foundation sr). Please follow the instructions you receive from Library to notify the publisher about the valid the invoicing address.

The invoicing instructions are available in the intranet (log in to access). Provide the publisher with the invoicing details you find in the document on invoicing addresses. You will receive a reference from the Library that must be displayed in the invoice.    

Some of the publishers will automatically send the invoice to the invoicing address for Tampere University. If possible, please provide the publisher with the reference you will receive from the Library.

Contact us

email address:

Application form

Before filling in the application form, please read the criteria for APC support funding.

Application form in English

Application form in Finnish

Additionally, please send the acceptance letter from the publisher to the emai address

Grant holder at Tampere University

You can apply for APC support funding when you are working as a grant holder at Tampere University and your resource agreement is valid. If your resource agreement has ended but the new period as a grant holder is starting within a month from the end of the previous one, you are eligible for applying for APC support funding.

The grant holder is not employed by Tampere University but their purpose of working etc. are agreed upon beforehand with a resource agreement.. The grant holder works under Dean of Faculty.

Read more about grant holders and resource agreements on the intranet (log in to access):


Privacy notice

Privacy notice for the application form.

Discounts for article processing charges

The researchers at Tampere University are eligible for several discounts and benefits of Open Access publishing. Browse the benefits in our guide for Open Access publishing.

Open Access guide

In the Open Access guide you will find more information about

  • self-archiving
  • Gold Open Access
  • assessing reliability of a publication channel
  • discounts for article processing charges