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Andor-opas: English

Logging in to Andor

In remote use, use your TUNI-id to login to Andor. You cannot access e-resources with library card only.

Please, let us known if you encounter problems by using the feedback for either in Andor or TuniLib or via e-mail. Some of the issues might be resolved by changing your browser or removing your browser history.


What Andor offers?

Andor is Tampere University library's search service. In Andor, you will find library collections (Arvo Library, Linna Library, Hervanta Library), as well as international articles and conference articles. Andor search service includes hundreds of databases and millions of electronic articles and other publications. Some of the international resources are references, some include full texts.

Andor does not include the printed collections of TAMK library, Music Academy Library or Mediapolis Library. Use TuniLib search service to find them.

The connection between Andor and TuniLib

If the item on the search result list in Andor is a printed item in the Library collection, clicking the result opens the connection in TuniLib library catalog, where you can check the availabity information of the book .

If you a looking for a specific textbook required  for your courses, please check TuniLib.

Searching in Andor

 If you are using Andor Search Service in off-campus use or using your personal laptop, you may login with your Tuni-id. By logging in, you will get more results and have access to licenced articles.

Do your searches in basic search or advanced search.

  • When looking for e-journals, use the e-journals link on the upper menu.
  • When looking for databases, use the A-Z database list on the upper menu.
  • When looking for e-books, use TuniLib, where the majority of our e-books are. E-books acquired by the former Tampere University of Technology can be found in the e-journals and e-books menu in Andor.
  • When looking for a textbook (required reading for your courses), use TuniLib.

Refining your search results in Andor

You may narrow down your search results in Andor by using refine your search in basic search result list left-hand side, or in advanced search.

Useful search limits:

Publication date: Use one of the offered time limits or enter your customized time range.

Scholarly & Peer Reviewed: will narrow down your result to peer reviewed as well as other academic or scientific articles.

Full text Online: will narrow down your search to e-resources that Tampere University has acquired for you, or open access resources.

Library Catalog: will narrow down your search to items in Hervanta Library, Linna Library or Arvo Library. You may select one of these locations by selecting library location in the left column menu. (Oppiainekirjastot means libraries in center campus faculties, that do not normally lend their material)

You may combine different search limits but do not use library catalog and scholarly & peer reviewed at the same time, since they exclude one another.

Saving search results in Andor

You may save your selected references to a temporary folder in Andor. When you close your browser the temporary folder will not be saved. To save your search results, send the results from the temporary folder to your e-mail or save them in citation reference management system, such as RefWorks.

In TuniLib, you may save your searches and search results in your personal favourites by logging into TuniLib using Tuni account.

Databases offered by Tampere University